Maggie brings fresh perspective and happy enthusiasm to every class. She is easy to relate to and reaches out to each student in a personal way. She supports me to go beyond what I think I can do.
— Deborah P, California, student

The body abilities and knowledge which Maggie already carried since her youth, came to shine through White Crane Silat martial art. Her fire to search for deeper meaning and expand inward and outward pushed her to travel and reach out, and has enriched her as a gifted teacher. With her persistent dedication to training and loyal commitment to the White Crane Silat institute, she has developed a strong martial foundation and respected position within the silat community, without loosing her softness. This, together with her natural clarity, sensitivity, and awareness now supports her sharing of this wonderful practice, especially to women. I wish Maggie’s journey as a Teacher to be blessed with the light she posses, so more harmony and peace may radiate in this world.
— Flora B, Bali, senior trainer
Maggie has a calm, compassionate presence and strong attention to detail. Her thorough understanding of the art is evident and brings to light all aspects of the practice. She has an in-depth knowledge of the postpartum body, and emphasizes the importance of proper strengthening and re-conditioning of my deep core muscles. The result is more graceful movement, leaving me feeling stronger and taller for the rest of the week. I leave silat practice feeling grounded, focused and more in touch with my mind-body.
— Dina B, California, student

Maggie has traveled worldly, eastward and westward, to deepen her practice and understanding. I first met her in Europe when she was a young silat student - she was dedicated, talented, determined, hard working, with high spirits. She was eager to learn the forms as well as the substance, culture, and philosophy of our White Crane Silat school… Later I got to appreciate Maggie’s qualities as a woman, friend, mother, spiritual seeker. In our school we have the chance to inherit beautiful forms and special training for women. Maggie’s qualities and expertise make her a wonderful silat guide, especially for women along their unique avenue of practice.
— Pali F, France, Senior trainer

Maggie has natural movement. Her dedicated and disciplined silat practice, synthesized with a solid academic foundation in physical anthropology, make her keenly insightful to the structure and function of the human body. This unique knowledge, coupled with a bright, approachable and compassionate manner make Maggie well qualified to guide students toward integration and understanding of themselves through movement on the floor.
— Christine F, Bali, senior trainer

Maggie brings a sense of joy to the practice of Silat. Her teaching is informed by rigourous study with the Masters and balanced by her own spirit and rhythm in life. It is a gift to be a student. It is a tonic in life to learn these sacred and powerful movements from someone with such grace and poise.
— Sharon K, California, student

I really enjoy Maggie’s teaching even though I have already been practicing White Crane Silat religiously for a number of years. I learn so much even in her beginner class. I like her details and extreme precision with each movement and how that relates to your full body. Rather getting students to do a movement immediately, she has step by step interim exercises to lead to a final movement, so that students can (1) be physically ready for it, and (2) mindfully understand what muscles and motions are needed to achieve a correct final movement. It is great way to achieve correct movement right from the beginning. I feel the need to revisit my foundation after a few years of practice, and Maggie enriches my movement by introducing small details that stabilize an entire form. These details help me understand why I struggled with certain movements for a long time, and I see the improvement in my movements from her input. I love it.
— Jeanette J, California, student